Tips for Financial Success

Money problems cause stress. Nobody wants to be in debt or work their whole life. Here are 7 Tips For Financial Success:

1) Create a budget

What is your after tax income? List all your bills/expenses and total them up. What’s the difference? See step 2.


2) Spend less than you make

Cut every expense you possibly can from the budget in step one. If you still spend more than you make, look for a new job or an additional job.


3) Keep an emergency fund covering 3-6 months of expenses

Put all the extra money in a savings account until you can cover at least 3 months of expenses.


4) Avoid credit card balances

Interest is money you will never get back. Never carry a balance on your credit cards. Cards should only be used if you need purchase insurance protection or if you really need the points/miles and they add up to more value than the annual card fee.


5) Always contribute to the full match in a 401k

If you have 401k, use the additional money to take advantage of the full match.


6) Invest your money in assets that appreciate, not depreciate

For example: A new car will only ever depreciate so they are usually a bad choice. Old cars can also nickel and dime you to broke. Research and choose wisely. Housing usually appreciates over long periods of time so if you can buy with 20% down, maintain on hold long term, housing is a very good investment.


7) Buy low & sell high in the market

Find a good financial advisor to help you become investment savvy!

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