For me, New Year’s Day is about reflecting on the past year and getting in the right frame of mind for the up coming year. The change of the calendar is a good time to look back and assess your situation, how you feel about where you are and dig deep about where you are headed.

Yes, I look at my books and my business plan throughout the year but on the first it’s more of a mindful day. While some agents are aggressively calling everyone that told them “I’m moving next year” and others are on vacation, I’m with my family lying low, doing puzzles, making a great meal and thinking about what will be best for my family, clients, business and the industry in the coming year. I started this a few years ago and it’s been a wonderful tradition for me.

In 2018, I was exhausted on New Year’s Day. As I negotiated a deal from my mother-in-law’s home in remote WI, I immediately knew I could not continue this year over year indefinitely. 2017 was another full year in my business and I was so grateful but I was burnt out. I didn’t have much reliable support in my business, I said yes to way too many things (classes, volunteering, teaching, etc) and some tough deals. Business was great and I was winning awards…and my family was suffering from all the hours I was working. I was suffering from all the hours. So in 2018, I committed to making a change. To say no more at work and yes more to my family…and friends. After all, we work to live!

And now, I as reflect on 2018, I see that I had a good plan but change and balance are hard. I certainly was more present with those in my company more often and I said no more often. I’m grateful for the changes I made. There is still room for improvement in those areas. Plus, I didn’t commit consistently to the self care part and so I’m still exhausted.

A day of mental reflection and family time has given me the insight on what worked and where improvement efforts can be focused. 2019 will be an amazing year!

Sarah Marrinan, REALTOR®
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