Home Maintenance Checklist

Buying a home is one of the biggest and most exciting purchases of your lifetime. However, what many neglect to remember is that with responsibility comes hard work—in the form of home upkeep. Keeping up with regular home maintenance tasks will keep you from future headaches and wasted money.

Annual Home Maintenance

  1. Clean your kitchen ventilator or exhaust fan.
  2. Have ductworks cleaned, if applicable.
  3. Check the attic for leaks, stains, or dampness.
  4. Have a professional conduct a chimney inspection and sweep.Have your heating and cooling system serviced.Bleed air out of the radiators if needed, and check for leaking valves.
  5. Clean any ductwork or ventilation openings.
  6. Check for separated and deteriorated caulk around the exterior of your home.
  7. Have your carpeting professionally cleaned to remove deep-down dirt, stubborn stains, and pet odor.

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Semi-Annual Home Maintenance

  1. Check the chimney for condensation or signs of water.
  2. Change the furnace and the air-conditioning filters every 2–3 months.
  3. Check exposed wiring and outlets for signs of wear or damage.
  4. Clear slow-running or clogged drains.
  5. Check for evidence of leaks around and under sinks, showers, toilets, and bathtubs.
  6. Vacuum the lint from the dryer ducts and surrounding areas.
  7. Check for cracks and moisture in the basement and foundation, and discuss with a professional if the problem seems to be severe.




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