Transferring Utilities

Transferring utilities when you sell your house.

This is one of those annoying tasks that no one thinks about doing ahead of time when they move but it is crucial as you don’t want to forget and end up paying the buyer’s electricity bill for the first month.

So call now to let the utility companies know that you’re moving. Ask to have all utilities taken out of your name the day of closing.

Generally in the Twin Cities these are the service providers:

CenterPoint Energy

Xcel Energy

Connexus Energy

Have all of the utilities stop on the day of closing. If you have a security system, schedule it to be shut off the day before closing. You’ll also want to call your TV and internet provider as well. If you’re selling a single family house you’ll need to arrange for the water bill to be taken out of your name. and have a final meter reading done for the day of closing.

If you’re moving to a new home, transfer the utilities to your new home instead of canceling them.

Ask me for help and I will send you my Updater program to take you through all the address changes and transfers, step by step!

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