​Top 10 Reasons To Stage Your Home For Sale

Top 10 Reasons To Stage Your Home

Top 10 Reasons To Stage Your Home For Sale

1. Professionally Staged Homes Sell Faster!

You only get one chance to make a first impression.

2. Staged Homes end up on Buyers “Must See” List.

As you know most home owners start their search online.

3. Properly Staged Homes Receive More Foot Traffic.

Staged homes naturally attract more attention compared to the competition.

4. Buyers feel a staged home is “well maintained.”

When a home is staged to sell buyers naturally feel it is better maintained.

5. Staged Homes Appraise at a Higher Value.

A national study showed that staged homes net an average of 3-10% higher sale price.

6. Staged Homes Feel “Move in Ready”

Studies show that only 10 percent of home buyers can visualize the potential of a home.

7. It is Difficult to View Your Own Home Objectively.

Staging can offer an objective eye that will help you create a cohesive marketing package that commands attention.

8. A House left in “AS-IS” condition helps sell the competition.

Successful agents know the importance of staging when selling a home.

9. The Investment in Home Staging is often Tax Deductible*

Home staging is an investment is selling one of your largest assets.

*If the profit of the sale of your home is considered taxable income.

10. You Can Now Relax!

We understand how stressful selling and moving can be. Our step by step plan will help you to feel focused and prepared.

Are you ready to get a staging consultation to sell your house? Contact us!

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