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5 Ways to Hide Chargers and Cords

Five Ways to Organize your Kitchen By Hiding Chargers and Cords

Charging Station and USB portWhether you just like to be organized or you’re are getting ready to sell your house, organizing the kitchen is key!

Cleaning the paperwork from the countertops and dirty dishes from the sink is a bearable, even permanent, change for most people but let’s face it, you’re not ditching the electronics or coffee maker any time soon. So how can you make that mess of chargers and cords go away?

Check out these great ideas from LGB Interiors via Houzz; Driven By Decor; Family Handyman; Bellamumma;& Vitamini Handmade.

  1. Set up a charging station in the drawer, via Houzz: Install a power strip in the back of a kitchen drawer and you have a one-stop charging station for all your kitchen tech needs.
  2. Install a USB outlet and charging station, via Driven By Decor: Having this organized box will hide your cords AND keep those devices close at hand.
  3. Hide cords in a breadbox, via Family Handyman: If you don’t have the means to set up a charging station in a drawer (see #1), how about a bread box? Just drill a hole in the back, thread a power strip cord through it, and close it down to hide the mess!
  4. Install a recessed outlet, via Remodelista: A recessed outlet eliminates protruding plugs and allows you to push small appliances directly against the backsplash!
  5. Make your cords decorative, via Bellamumma & Vitamini Handmade: If there’s no way around a hanging cord, make it a part of your decor. For example, thread large wooden beads on a dangling cord or wrap them with neon nylon twine! If you have to see a cord, you might as well make it fun to look at.

What ideas and tips for hiding cords, and charging devices in the kitchen do you use?

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