21 April’s Fool’s Prank Ideas

April 1st is April Fools Day

Here are 21 April’s Fool’s pranks you might want to try out on some unsuspecting victims… remember it’s a day to have some fun and NOT a day to be nasty and don’t get yourself fired for going too far!

  1. Advertise an easy job with high pay online and include your friend’s phone number.
  2. Switch the signs for Mens and Ladies toilets … watch the fun!
  3. Use masking tape placed underneath someone’s computer mouse – ensure that it covers the ball or the optical sensor on the bottom. When they go to use the mouse, it won’t work! On the tape simply write April Fool!.
  4. Call your friend before he / she goes to work and say ” I’m so sorry to hear you got fired! ” – Act surprised they didn’t know yet.
  5. Tell a co-worker you just saw someone hit their car in the parking lot and drive off. Say it calmly and then hand them a slip with a bogus license plate number and walk away.
  6. Email your friends and family that you bought a new house and you need help moving next weekend and include a link to the house in the email of one that is really far away.
  7. Text your friend/family that you won a trip for four to an all-inclusive island resort or (Disney if they have kids) next weekend and you need them to take off Thursday and Friday to go with you.
  8. Sign somebody up to an embarrassing email newsletter.
  9. Go around the office and tell random people that a particular person (e.g. your friend) wanted them to drop over at 11am – they will be surprised when 50 people drop around to their office at once.
  10. Put loads of Pencil (scribble and really build up the graphite) on a piece of paper and then rub around the eye and upper jaw. Then go around the office (or do this to your spouse) and say you were hit by a co-worker that didn’t like your perfume/cologne.
  11. Get a universal remote control and turn the volume up on all the TVs in your local electronics store, while standing nearby. Try be covert and look around confused when it happens so you can keep doing it.
  12. Get a small bottle of some fluid from the auto parts store and replace the label with one that says “Blinker Fluid” and leave a note for your spouse or friend that says it was buy-one, get-one free so you thought you would give them the extra. It’s funniest if you can hide nearby to see if they try to use it.
  13. Replace the white paper in the printer at work with neon paper. If you don’t work in an office turn the clocks forward an hour and tell everyone they are late when they show up for work and tell them their daylight savings time adjustment must have been undone on their clock.
  14. Go to the hardware store and get a FOR SALE sign and put it in your neighbor’s yard with their phone number on it after they leave for work. Or put a FOR SALE sign in your friends car window at work.
  15. Whoopie cushion on the chair – oldie but goodie.
  16. Get access to another person’s office, cubicle or room, and move the entire contents of it to another location or even just outside the door. Another variation is to turn all objects in the room the opposite direction.
  17. Do a few replacements … Substitute the coffee in the craft with tea, put salt in the sugar shaker, put flour in the powdered creamer jar…
  18. Put a container in your work fridge labeled “urine sample” with apple juice in it.
  19. Change your ringtone to an odd song and get up and dance everytime the phone rings. Or change your friend’s ringtone and “pocket dial” them to see their reaction.
  20. Poke tiny holes in the bottoms of the disposable cups in the break room.
  21. Announce your (or your partner’s) unexpected pregnancy with twins and act totally excited and ask everyone if they have stuff you can borrow and if they can help you create a nursery. This most funny if you are single or over 55.

Have fun! Fool but don’t be fooled! 🙂

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