At-home COVID-19 saliva testing

Thinking about home shopping or selling your house but maybe you are a bit under the weather… or maybe you have some nervous feelings about possibly being a Coronavirus carrier without symptoms. Get testing before you get started! If you don’t want to go to a testing facility, here is how you can do your testing from home.

COVID-19 Test at Home

Minnesota and Vault Medical Services have teamed up to offer at-home COVID-19 saliva testing for everyone who lives in Minnesota, with or without symptoms, at no cost.

This saliva test is just as accurate as the nasal swab test. It checks whether you have COVID-19 right now and can spread it to others. It is not an antibody test that looks for whether you have had COVID-19 in the past.

About the test

  • Saliva tests are provided to all Minnesotans at no cost, whether or not you have insurance.
    • If you have insurance, you will need to provide your information so your insurance company can pay for your test. If your insurance does not pay for COVID-19 tests or does not pay enough, the state will cover the cost. If you do not have insurance, the state will pay for your test. You will not receive a bill.
    • Do not enter your credit card information on the Vault website. If you are asked for this information, please close out of your browser and click the ordering link above to try again. You may need to open the link in a new private or incognito browser. Vault also provides paid tests nationally, so it’s important for Minnesotans to access the site through the above link to ensure they can get tests at no cost.
  • Both adults and children can use these tests, though they may not work well for children under age 4, who may not have enough saliva. An adult 18 or older must request a test for a child. Currently, a unique email address and account is required for each person who needs a test. This may mean that you have to create a new email for each of your minor children and household family members.
  • Saliva testing may not be right for those with low saliva production, such as young children or someone who has suffered a stroke.
Order an at-home test at no cost
Tests are shipping as quickly as possible. Due to high demand, you may experience delivery delays. Note that shipping and delivery does not happen on Sundays or holidays. You can check the status of your test kit by logging into the Vault website. 
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