Simple and Effective Home Maintenance Tasks

Here are five home maintenance tasks to tackle this summer that are simple and effective ways to keep your house in great condition and prepare for the next spring selling season. 

You are going to need the proper tools to maintain your home. Thanks to Father’s Day, June is the month everyone can get a deal on tools, tool bags, and that multitool you’ve had your eye on. Look for package deals that offer several several tools and savings can be 30% off or more over buying the tools individually.


#1 Clean Your House’s Windows and Siding
Let in more light with clean windows and with a bit of preventative maintenance, your home’s siding could stay clean and trouble-free for up to 50 years. Fifty years! Clean it with a soft cloth or a long-handled, soft-bristled brush with cleaner specifically designed for your siding type to improve that longevity. (Check the gutters while your up there if you haven’t done so in a while.)


#2 Focus on Your Foundation
There’s no better time for inspecting your foundation than warm, dry weather. Look for crumbling mortar, cracks in the stucco, or persistently damp spots (especially under faucets). Then call a pro to fix any outstanding issues now, before it becomes an emergency later.


#3 Seal Your Driveway and Sidewalks
Your driveway takes a daily beating. Weather, sunlight, cars, bikes, and foot traffic – all of these deteriorate the asphalt and crumble your concrete. Help it last by sealing it. Tip: The temperature must be 50 degrees or higher for the asphalt sealer to stick, making June a good month for this easy, cost-effective job. Concrete is best done in warm, dry but shady conditions.

#4 Update Outdoor Lighting
In the summer, winter nights are probably the last thing on your mind. But early summer is the perfect time to plan for those Minnesota “I hate coming home in the dark” moments by adding or updating your exterior home lighting and landscape lighting.


#5 Take Another Look at Perennial Gardens
When the gardens are in full bloom you have a great opportunity to take photos – either for your records or for improving the layout or redesign with professional consultation. Make a plan for cleaning up rocks or mulch and create efficient watering plans. Watch for the garden centers to put all their plants on sale to add plants or replace plants that don’t work with your new plan. 


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