Foreclosure Moratorium Extended. Again.

Foreclosure & Eviction Moratoriums Extended

On 6/24/2021 the FHFA announced the Foreclosure & Eviction Moratoriums set to expire on June 30th, would be extended until July 31st, 2021.

The National Association of REALTORS is disappointed in this decision since the economy is mostly open again and $46.55 BILLION in federal funding is already available to tenants through ERAP.

As a property owner, it’s time to sell if you can’t make your payments. Equity is at an all time high. Take your money and run before you let foreclosure and/or unpaid property taxes steal your equity. 

Do you need me to help you evaluate your equity and make a plan? I’ll do it for free.

Contact me to schedule your private consultation. We will use the equity value to determine if you should relocate to another home, rental, etc. 


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