2021 Happy Holidays!

Communication. It’s the foundation for all great relationships – from horses to people. The lessons from learning to communicate with horses is that we all communicate differently and even when you listen closely sometimes you misunderstand. Misunderstandings lead to friction and frustration. Being VERY CLEAR with what you are asking for and your desired outcome is critical to good communication and great relationships! {Easier said than done.}
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Yes, this mare is communicating very boldly how she feels at this moment toward the gelding in the photo. I am laughing because I would expect nothing less from her… I know her. I have observed closely. This close observation is how I knew she was sick before the vet detected anything last spring. I have learned how she communicates and I listen carefully. And she deserves clear instruction from me.

We don’t always have the time to observe people over time to learn about their communication style and internal workings… but we can speed up the process with good questions and thoughtful answers.

Happy Holidays everyone! I am wishing you many great conversations along with peace, laughter and good health in the coming year!


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