Most people feel good when they support small business. Especially going into the holidays we will see a lot of “shop local” campaigns. 


  • Write a review. Now more than ever, people focus on reviews. A review about customer service will make a difference.  Help them show up online as a 5 star business to help them attract new customers.  
  • Connect with them via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, etc. 
  • Tell a family member or friend about a small business you love. Use word of mouth to support your favorite small businesses. Your family members or friends will likely trust and remember them more if it is shared personally.
    • Ask the small business for digital or printed business cards and other things to share or hand out for them. This is more personal to both the friend/family member and the business.
  • Attend networking events with them as their “wingman” support. Primarily at hyper-local events.
  • Like or “heart” their social media posts. 
  • Share posts/videos you think are valuable to your newsfeed and stories. This will encourage them to make more of the content you (and others) are interested in seeing. 
  • Comment something nice on social media. One easy way to support small businesses is simply commenting on their post. It can be words of encouragement, or just a “thanks for sharing” note. If the post asks a question, answer it! If it’s a poll, vote and comment! 
  • Tag a friend. Many small businesses are offering up special promotions on posts in order to gain more customers. When you see these kinds of posts – tag a friend, you never know who may be in the shopping mood. 
  • Post a pic and give a shout out. You can support small businesses by sharing a photo and tagging them. (Did you network with them? Support charity with them? Is it their business anniversary? POST IT!) And if you do decide to purchase – share a quick pic. The more they get their name out there with local support, the better.
  • Sign-up for small business newsletters. Showing support for your favorite small businesses newsletter helps them know you are a fan. It also can notify you of any events, updates or special promotions.
    • When you get the newsletter, REPLY! Let them know you saw it and give them feedback on the content.
  • Check-in with small business owners (and employees). If you are browsing their social media, make sure to check in and ask how they are doing. No better way to support small businesses than verbally checking in.
  • Show your appreciation. Tell them thank you. You can easily show genuine support by sharing your gratitude and thanking them for trying their best during hard times.


Commit to doing one small thing for a favored small business each week, whether it’s a purchase or a shout-out. Supporting small businesses each week will not only give you peace of mind, but will be helping the owners and the economy. It’s the intrinsic reward of doing good.

  1. Consider small before the big businesses. When you are doing your normal online browsing, before hitting search think about who benefits from the website you are using.
  2. Always be mindful and take that extra second to see if you could be supporting small businesses.



  • Like, comment and share social media posts.
  • Recommend to friends and family.
  • Write a positive review. 
  • Sign up for their newsletters. 
  • Network with them.
  • Send them a personal support message.
  • Buy from them.


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