Effective November 14th, 2018

Coming Soon Home Listings

HOME BUYERS: You already know that the most timely, accurate information about twin cities homes for sale comes directly from NorthstarMLS alerts. This is because this MLS is the database that professional residential real estate agents use to input their listings and advertise them to agents and their buyers. Those public websites you see online are just syndicators advertisements to browsers… and selling the data they collect on those browsers to real estate agents, mortgage companies, insurance companies, movers and more!

HOME SELLERS: You already know that the day you sign your listing paperwork with your agent usually isn’t the day you are ready to start showing your home. There is often still a list of preparations to be done to put your best foot forward. From the professional photos to finding a kennel for your pet, you need time. 


What is the Coming Soon listing status?

A Coming Soon listing status indicates the property is being prepared for sale but is not ready for showing. 

What does the new Coming Soon status mean for buyers and sellers?

For Home Buyers:

In addition to seeing homes instantly when they hit the market, you can also see homes that will be coming to market soon! (Not every home that is getting ready to sell will have a coming soon advertisement but many will!) 

For Home Sellers:

While you prepare your home for showing, your agent can premarket your home to the most likely buyers (those that already have an agent) and those buyers can take a look at the stats about your home and get a showing pre-scheduled for when you are ready. 

Here are some key points about the Coming Soon status:

• Coming Soon listings are available to NorthstarMLS agents and their customers through email and this customer portal. Coming Soon listings are also distributed to broker and agent websites but are NOT to third party public websites (like Zillow, Trulia, Homes, Realtor, etc).
• A Coming Soon listing will identify an Availability Date (up to 21 days out) and automatically become Active on that date (or may be made Active prior to that date by the listing brokerage).
• Listings in Coming Soon status may not be shown until the listing is in Active status.
• Showings may be scheduled for the Active Availability Date or after. Agents who schedule an appointment for the Availability Date will be notified if the listing becomes Active prior to that date. If the listing remains unavailable for showing after the Availability Date, showings will be cancelled and must be rescheduled when the property is in Active status.


Another great benefit to hiring an agent to sell your home and getting property alerts from your agent instead of aimlessly browsing public websites.

Questions about using the Coming Soon benefits for your next move contact Sarah Marrinan.

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