Seminars for Minnesota Home Buyers & Sellers

View webinars that will help you make the best possible real estate moves for your lifestyle.

Upcoming Webinars

Taking the right steps in the right order will help ensure your next move goes smoothly. To attend a free webinar that will help you plan your next move, check Facebook for advertised webinars: https://www.facebook.com/CallSarahFirst/events or choose your session here and click the contact form to the right to send a message to sign up:

  • Real Estate Planning (Retirement, investing, etc)
  • Buying and Selling At the Same Time
  • Money Saving Webinars (Insurance, moving, etc)
  • Real Estate Investing (Rentals, AirBnB, etc)
  • Second Home/Vacation Home Purchases
  • Preparing Your Home For Sale
  • Building a New Construction Home
  • Purchasing Waterfront Properties
  • Handling a Loved One’s Estate
  • Pre-selling Inspections, Required vs Optional
  • Selling to Cash Buyers, Investors and iBuyers
  • Staging 101: Getting Your Home Ready for Sale
  • Mortgages 101: Know Your Options
  • Staging a Luxury Property
  • Building a dream team: Financial Planner, Realtor, Accountant, Attorney, Maintenance Professionals and more.
  • Making the Most Out of Showings (Buyer Edition/Seller Edition)
  • Divorce & Real Estate
  • Buying with an Unmarried Significant Other 
  • Choosing the Best REALTOR for Your Situation (What do all those letters mean?)
  • Property Titles 101: Do you need title insurance?
  • Green Homes: From solar panels to landscaping
  • Smart Homes: Is your home smart? Does that make it worth more?
  • Buying Acreage Properties: From privacy to horses, your needs may vary
  • Annual Real Estate Market Predictions
  • Renovate or Move? 
  • Raw Land Purchases

 Would you rather have a private conversation about your situation? Send a private message with the best way to contact you and Sarah will personally follow up.


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