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Are you and experienced professional wondering why you should make the move to KW? It’s no secret.

Keller Williams is a company built around the success of its agents. With a proven business model that works in any economy, a healthy and positive atmosphere and passive income for helping the company grow.

Here are some of the top reasons experienced agents are making the move to Keller Williams and seeing tremendous growth in their careers.

Best Commission Split
All our agents have the same commission split; 70/30 with a cap (maximum amount taken out during a given year). This cap shows the agents exactly what they will pay the office each year so there are no surprises when it comes to paying the broker. Once the cap is reached, the agent is at 100% for the remainder of their fiscal year. This is usually the bottom line factor in why more agents are changing real estate brokers.

Keller Williams Business Model
Gary Keller designed a genius business model that focuses on building the business of the agent, not the company. Following the Millionaire Real Estate Agent model will allow agents the opportunity for maximizing growth/profits and building passive income.

Real Estate Training
Agents at all levels need on-going training. Keller Williams has received many awards for training! From national training and coaching to local continuing ed support, agents can grow at KW.

Keller Williams Culture
Office morale is extremely important in creating a positive work environment. All agents are on the same commission split, so everyone is valued exactly the same. See more about the WI4C2TS belief system.

Retirement Plan
No one wants to be selling real estate when they are 90 years old, so KW gives you the opportunity to add retirement income to your portfolio. KW is a profit sharing company, each agent’s success is everyone’s success.

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