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New Minneapolis Time of Sale Energy Disclosure

New Minneapolis Time of Sale Energy Disclosure

Starting in January 15, 2020, the City of Minneapolis will include a new energy disclosure report in the Truth-in Sale of Housing (TISH) program. (The TISH Report is required for listing Minneapolis property and must be on display and made available during open houses.)  

The new Energy Disclosure requirement (video below)

The two-page ‘Asset-Based Energy Efficiency’ report will be part of the set of returned documents from the TISH inspection. The energy disclosure report will be based on four criteria: attic insulation, wall insulation, heating system, and window efficiency. Using these criteria, homes will be rated on a 0 to 100-point scale with 100 being the best. The report also will prioritize recommended improvements based on a maximum 10-year window of return on investment. No repairs will be required.

Minneapolis TISH evaluations will go up in cost to account for this extra inspection step that requires the inspector to drill a two-inch hole at an exterior wall, from the interior to determine the type and depth of insulation in the wall and then cap the hole.

The good news is that homes built after 1980 don’t need to have this done. Also, if you’ve had an energy audit performed on your home by the Home Energy Squad within the last five years, you won’t need to have an energy audit performed at your home. Be aware, however, that they drill a hole too.

READ MORE in this report from the Minneapolis Association of REALTORS.

For a list of FAQs about this program and a sample report, click the following link: TISH Energy Disclosure FAQs & Sample Energy Report.


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