Spring Seller To-Do List

Planning to sell your home this spring? Here’s your MN winter to-do list

While this winter is expected to bring another record-breaking number of buyers to the market, spring will bring more inventory and more competition for home sellers.

Why cause yourself stress by waiting until just before your home goes on the market to prepare it? There are plenty of things you can do right now that will cut down on the time and effort you’ll need to spend in the spring.

Have your Home Inspected
One of the most common reasons a home sale falls apart or is delayed is because of problems that the buyer learns about after the home inspection. Even in a seller’s market, price negotiations will reopen or repairs may be requested to hold the deal together, and if it’s not resolved and the problems are beyond the buyer’s budget, they may just walk away from the deal.

If you have your home inspected now, you will not only avoid unpleasant surprises in the middle of the transaction, but you’ll have the rest of winter to get any repair projects out of the way. Start with the easiest DIY projects and call contractors to book the big projects before they are over booked and you are scrambling. Make sure to get permits where require for your repairs or remodeling. Shorten the list the buyer will see and by spring your home will be in the best shape to achieve the highest price.

The pre-listing home inspection isn’t a must, but if you’re concerned about any problems the home might be hiding, it’s best to bring them to light now. MESSAGE ME TODAY TO GET YOUR INSPECTOR LINED UP. Don’t forget that some cities also have REQUIRED inspections that need to be performed before selling!

Sort Your Things
Now is the time to get rid of things you don’t plan to bring to the next house. Sell your items on line or through a consignment store. Have an estate sale. Pass along useful and memorable items to family and friends. Contact donation companies that will pick up your belongings from the curb. If you don’t want to take it with you in 3-9 months, why not move it along now?

Invest in Buyers’ Favorite Features
You know those weekends when it’s just too cold and miserable to leave the house? What better way to pass those gloomy days, than by adding some nice touches to the interior and exterior of your home.

The National Association of Home Builders surveyed prospective home buyers and learned that the top two desired features in a home are a laundry room and exterior lighting. A whopping 87% of home buyers will appreciate an investment you make in either of these areas.

How to get started? For your laundry room (or nook or closet), take this opportunity to add function. Consider adding a shelf, storage cabinet, or a wall-mounted drying rack.

As your luck would have it, wireless lighting has come a long way thanks to advancements in power and power storage technologies. Does your home have a path that could some extra visibility? A side yard that could use a motion sensor light? Shine some light on those darker areas to delight prospective buyers.

Get a Head Start on Curb Appeal
Most landscaping tasks will have to wait until spring, but if you have inside space and a sunny window, you can get a head start by growing your own flowers from seed. Just wait until after the last frost to plant them outside.

You can also consider touching-up any chipped paint on doors and trim, creating an outdoor seating area, or updating your front door hardware. Replacing a ratty mailbox, installing new house numbers, and purchasing a new front porch doormat are other great ways to spruce up your curb appeal over the winter months.

Final Thoughts
House prep may be less appealing than bingeing your favorite TV shows all winter, but doing some legwork now will help to ensure that your home will be the star of the spring real estate market.


Is it Time to Upgrade? 
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