Keller Williams Ignite is the #1 real estate training course for new agents. Get mentored by top agents and build the business you deserve.

Ignite is a Keller Williams Training Series

Ignite. That is exactly what this course is designed to do, ignite an agent’s real estate business. The Keller Williams Ignite program is offered in every market center and is taught by the top producing agents in each office. Learning from the best in each local market is not only the KW culture in action. It’s also the easiest way for new agents to learn and start generating income. Teaching agents to sell real estate is not the only thing we focus on in Ignite. Teaching business, time and money management is vital as well. We’re here to teach agents how to run a business, not just sell homes. We firmly believe this a real estate business and we want you to run it as such.


Ignite is Intense

Each session has agents engaged in real estate activities where they will be actively getting leads, working their business in class and learning to service buyers and sellers. Agents can  learn everything they need to know from setting the first appointment to closing the deal.


Ignite need Repeating

There is so much new information jam packed into each session that isn’t taught in real estate licensing school that many new agents take this series two or three times in a row and seasoned agents will drop in on classes in areas where they feel their business could use a boost.

Objectives of Ignite real estate training courses include:

  • Build your career with Keller Williams systems, models and tools.
  • Do daily lead generation activities that will fill your pipeline with prospects.
  • Time block for maximum effectiveness and productivity.
  • Develop job aids that are customized to your style and area of specialization.
  • Learn powerful scripts, which allows you to know what to say in every situation.

Sarah Marrinan teaches Close the Deal. This is a class to teach process and systems to help ensure your client’s transaction will make it from offer to the closing table with the fewest amount of headaches. Keller Williams knows that dealing with business never takes precedence over finding the business so you must have the process in place to service your clients while still putting lead generation first.

The process and systems that Sarah Marrinan teaches are crucial in making sure you service your clients well and get paid for your hard work.

Keller Williams hopes the word “Ignite” makes agents envision a success career through lead generation, sales, and profits!

While there is no logo or acronym for an agent to display that they have completed Ignite training, it’s critical education. Do you know a new agent in real estate? Ask them if they have taken steps to Ignite their career!

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