Twin Cities Home Seller FAQs

Answers to Commonly Asked Home Seller Questions

Home sellers have a lot of questions, and they should! The real estate market in the twin cities is in a constant state of change and market conditions vary from city to city and even by neighborhood!
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Getting Ready to Sell

When should I start planning to sell?
How should I choose a real estate agent?
What do I need to do to prepare to sell?
How long does it take to get my house on the market?
How do I price my home correctly?
How do I watch the local real estate market conditions in my area?
The process of selling and buying at the same time.
Should I buy or sell first?
What is the best marketing plan for my house?
Do I need an inspection before I list my home?
What stays with my house and what do I take with?
How much do real estate agents charge?
What do I need to know about the Title to my home?

Your House is On The Market

How do showings work?
How do I know if I have priced my home correctly?
How do offers work? What offer terms should I look at?
How do buyer inspections and appraisals work?
What is Appraisal
When do I call the title company? 
When do I move?
When do I get the money for my house?
What happens at closing?

Your House is SOLD!

What happens after closing?

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