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For those of you that made resolutions to eat healthy and/or lose weight, this tear out card is for you!

8 Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated

This issue of American Lifestyle magazine:

In the 1970s, songwriting pair Peter Allen and Carole Bayer Sager composed the lyrics to “Everything Old Is New Again,” and it’s easy to see this in our country today–vintage is all the rage and a generation of makers has emerged. This issue of American Lifestyle magazine explores the bridge between the past and present. 

The McMenamin brothers, Mike and Brian, embody those lyrics very well, having transformed over forty properties, including an elementary school, a 1920s theater, and a jazz dance hall, into gathering spots. They take care to use materials associated with each building to honor the property and its history. 

Designer Tiffany Brooks balances the world of technology with the relaxed culture of Bluffton, South Carolina, in her design of the HGTV Smart Home 2018. The house has a wraparound porch perfect for unplugged, lazy afternoons, but it’s also the ultimate in technological advancement. 

Pottery is a prime example of a skill that’s been handed down through generations. Ceramicists often create pots using the same technique as their teachers for a time before branching out and evolving their own distinctive style. 


There are some wonderfulr ecipes in this issue! They take a little work to prepare but they are SO GOOD!

Can’t tell you here – you must find the details in the magazine!

Annual and Semi-Annual Home Checklist
If You Can’t Fly 

I didn’t write much for this issue – and I didn’t do my back inside cover update – but let me know if you need a real estate update or check out the Market Snapshot.

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