Targeted Home Staging

When selling a home, it can be difficult to find a perfect sweet spot of how to market your property to every single buyer demographic, but you can stage extra bedrooms of your home to appeal to certain types of people. Talk to your listing agent about the most likely buyer for your home. When getting your home ready for viewings, consider these five target groups:

Single professionals. Young professionals today are increasingly working from home. Having an office space in your home with good lighting for long hours spent on the job is a great idea. Think about furnishing the office with a pullout couch, showing the young buyer that while the space is made for working, it can also double as a place to house weekend guests.

Young couples. Many first-time homebuyers are young people with the idea of starting a family. Consider taking a spare room and converting it into a child’s bedroom. This helps the buyer visualize the possibility of raising kids in the space.

Large families. Big families need a lot of space. Converting spare storage rooms or offices into enough bedrooms for a full family is a must. You can even take offices on your main floor or in the basement and show potential buyers that there is plenty of room for not only the children they have now, but also for future family expansions. Also consider mocking up these bedrooms for a wide variety of ages: a room for an infant with a crib; a room for an elementary schooler with toys; and a more refined room for a child in high school or college.

Retired couples. Many retired homebuyers are looking for a simpler life and often one level living. Consider keeping walkways wide and clear. Emphasize ease of maintenance. This helps the buyer visualize the possibility of aging in the space.

Executives. Many successful business owners and executives are looking for luxury and convenience. A space to retreat. Add high end features like custom lighting, blinds, countertops and appliances to your home if your neighborhood supports luxury pricing. Ensure the master bathroom feels like a spa. Consider taking a spare room and converting it into a workout room. 

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